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My idea of a good trance song, as described in a review, copypasta-ed and edited for your convenience!

2008-07-17 21:27:47 by PixelHead777

A trance, in my opinion, in regards to music, is when one lets themselves go, to their own thoughts, letting the music carry their thoughts, amplify their thoughts, take them on a journey through their own thoughts, opinions, beliefs, and basically the entire fiber of their being. When one can rediscover oneself. Such music needs to sound like a journey. A story. Or just an "epic" feel. I don't know how to describe it.
That sounds sentimental, but bear in mind, I wrote this right after listening to a song that I consider good trance material. And the only other way to get those kinds of results is for a song that you like, or a song by a band you like, but the song's not your favorite, to suddenly mean more to you, by means of something in your life changing, or you discovering something that you connect with so well that the song's lyrics suddenly seem more meaningful. However, that is usually situational, based on things that happen to you, and that means that a song that does this for one person might not do so for any other person in the entire world. Trance music should give the same results for anyone who tries to.
Any song can pull off the effects on a person no matter how they listen to it. But good trance music in my opinion, if you try, should give these results
And the sentimentality abounds within my soul.
Go go El Goonish Shive/Relient K combo!


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2008-07-17 21:31:55

good idea

PixelHead777 responds:

Which part?


2008-07-21 12:04:21

your picture... are you a furry, like me?


2008-07-24 18:28:08

Damn, that's deep.

PixelHead777 responds:

Ah. There you are.


2008-07-28 19:17:33

you were looking for me?

PixelHead777 responds:

Yea, verily!